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Lone - Bars and Colours (2012)

Taken from 'MCR/LDN 20122016'

Buy here - https://lone.bandcamp.com/album/lone-mcr-ldn-20122016


Unreleased material from the ‘Reality Testing’ and ‘Levitate’ album sessions recorded in Manchester and London between 2012 and 2016.

Again this one is exclusive to Bandcamp. I hope you enjoy.
cmacblue42 :
Roy Batty : TUNE!!!!
Morgentau : still typical Lone...I love it <3
RYKARD : So much warmth
fogdust : the bass is making the hairs on me arms stand!
LanDi3000 : Now I am 100% sure. Lone had a Dreamcast.
Jahdoiera52 : Yoooo, this is heat son!!!! Matt Cutler gets better everytime and I've been listening to him for 11 years now!!!
konami1979 : And this tune is supposed to be an "outtake"?
EM1045 : Nice, love it. Definitely my favorite artist. Lone has such a unique sound. Its always good to hear "new" old stuff too.
Minien :

Lone - Wave (2009)

Taken from 'The Light Year Wave Tape.' Selected beats 2006-2009.

Buy here - https://lone.bandcamp.com/album/lone-the-light-year-wave-tape

2006. At this point I had become bored with trying to make things ‘pristine’ - I’d had enough of trying to get as technical with the beats as I could… I was done with super tweaked out jungle / cold IDM and all that. I was listening to Madlib, Dilla and RZA more than anything else. I wanted to make ten beats a day. More if I had the time. I’d come home from work - quickly whip up a few beats, go to bed and do the same the next day. It was liberating to not have to spend days on end tweaking a fucking snare drum.

These sessions would eventually result in me getting signed and putting out my first album - ‘Lemurian.' Released through Nottingham Hip Hop label Dealmaker in 2008 and from there on to ‘Ecstasy \u0026 Friends’ - the follow up album for Actress’ label Werk Discs in 2009. This is a selection of my favourite beats that didn’t make the cut on either of those albums - a lot of them did end up on Myspace though (yes - I’m that old) while others just sat trapped on old hard drives 'til today. I see this era as the foundation of what I’ve built my sound on ever since so it feels good to let people properly hear them exclusively through Bandcamp.

These tracks have been polished a little by yours truly for 2020 - I hope you enjoy.
Brendon Collins : My mind is at bliss right now!
m z : loved it
Vanna Lim : Swimming underwater and hearing this song in my head.
Melohner : te amo lone gracias por tanto
ren1018 : Another banger.
n00b8634 : After hearing one of your songs in hyper I got curious... I'm happy where I have ended up
GBalao888 : This album sounds very much like Ecstasy and Friends. No wait, it’s actually even better than that album.
Blair Tavendale : Yet again another spirit raiser! Whata guy!
MegaDringus : Banger
Lil Broomstick : I love it


Taken from the Lone x KETTAMA EP.
Buy/Stream - www.smarturl.it/Lone-X-KETTAMA

Artwork by Patrick Savile.
a guy called c h o o : people don`t stop the dance. this is amazing.
m z : loved it
atohms : Seems like the 90s rave is back & I cannot applaud it more!
beaumotplage : I don't think Lone is capable of anything below 'fantastic'. So consistently brilliant.
cat nip : Sick
Kevo Dam : This should feature in Matrix 4
Hubert : Proper stuff!
J R : That drop added at least another10 years to my life!
Opinionated Asshole : what the future sounds like un-ironically
cherry void : Lone is forever one of my favorite inspos ✨




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