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How to make a baby bottle of Similac® formula.

Preparing baby formula can sometimes be a challenge for new moms. But, as this how-to video from Similac demonstrates, formula preparation is a simple series of fast and easy steps. View this short video, and preparing formula will soon be a breeze!

Don’t feed your baby Similac!!! | formula feeding vs. breastfeeding | doing life with Chrissy

Hey folks!
So this week I came across a post on Facebook that read, “stop feeding your babies similac…they are not supposed to throw up (after eating)!” This reminded me of the blatant \u0026 direct posts made regarding mothers and their choice to either nurse or supplement their babies. In this video, I discuss my thoughts about nursing vs. supplementing and diving a little deeper into the post in question lol

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[ Is breastfeeding better than formula feeding? ]
me : Jesus christ woman just get to the point
thatwrengirl : Thank you so much for this! Had to formula feed my baby due to medical issues, and I was formula fed because I was adopted. I wanted to breastfeed so bad, but it just didn't work out. Thank you for the encouragement!
JasmineNicolee : 1. New subbie
2. You stated allllllll facts!!!! Thank you ❤️
StylezBy ROBIN : Love mines it wrks for my baby
Putting On Pampers In The Dark : Right sis the choice is on the mom !!! Thx for sharing this is great #TTYLSis
Transparent Motherhood : Ok 1. HAIR!
2. I always tell my moms/clients that the first 2 weeks is always the hardest when you’re nursing. If you can push through the first 2 weeks- a month you can handle this nursing journey.
3. I PERSONALLY lol think that if you can nurse you should because your milk is created uniquely for your baby (I could rant but I won’t lol) however it OKAY to choose formula just be very cautious. Some more well known brands have some “extras” that are harmful. Read the labels. Shoot we are all just winging this motherhood thing anyway lol there’s no “right” way
Andrea C. : I love this video. I laughed so much. She’s cancelled!
Bekah with a K : PS. Your hair and makeup are on point!
Bekah with a K : This came at a good time for me! We just found out today we need to start supplementing P with formula because she needs more calories to get her weight up. I keep telling myself, there’s nothing wrong with her, she just petite! thank you.
Penny Greene : Girl you look so cute! Curls poppin, face highlighted ‍♀️ And I pay no mind to the crazy people who talk about how I should feed my children. Cancel them!

Similac VS Enfamil Comparing Formulas

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