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Shimano R7000 105 11-34t Cassette - A look and review of this 11 Speed cassette

Checking out this new Shimano R7000 105 11-34t Cassette. A great choice for your gravel or endurance bike, and it will even work with 11-speed mountain bikes!
thedownunderverse : Thanks for the vid. Do you know if the HG700 has the same coating on the cogs as the HG800 cassette? Interwebs says both have "nickel plated steel", but the finish looks different in pics.
Christian Mercado : Hi there. I installed this on my DW swiss r500 wheels with shimano rs505 hubs and used the provided spcer. Is that needed in my case?
Karisma Karisma : Originally I have a shimano 105 11speed 11×34 cassette.. can I buy a shimano 105 11 speed but 11x25 cassette to use it for indoor trainer?
Joseph Kang'ethe : Is that a Rolex explorer? Nice touch
Kray(1) : Knowing that it works for my mtb hub,makes me more excited for my gravel build
K.mersch : Is a 5800 11-28 Cassette the exact same as a R7000 11-28 Cassete so I don't have to re adjust my gears?
Bobs UrUncle : Took them long enough to allow 11 speed on 10 speed hubs
Yendor Adon : Can the short cage deraileur handle the 34?

Sony HT-G700 Soundbar Overview

In this video, we give you a closer look at the Sony HTG700 soundbar. It features an enhanced audio return channel (eARC), and a dedicated center channel for great sounding dialog.

Click below for our best prices on the HTG700:

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James Grev : will running a video game console through the soundbar and then to the TV create any input lag? I will be putting a hdmi2.1 signal through it when the ps5 comes out. Will it be able to handle the possible 4k 120hz?
Micheal Vandenberg : for those out there that want dolby atmos through this device and dont have a tv to playback that through the E-ARC, you can always plug your xbox or 4k player into it which does produce dolby ATMOS to the sound bar, just though i would give all the information as this video lacked that information :)
dystoniaify : I hope there's going to be online black Friday deals.
dystoniaify : Is it possible to add any wireless satellite speakers? How does music sound on this?
Soldier144 : I need to see if the Sony Z9F LED support EArc
Saleh Baghersalimi : Hi! When you connect the soundbar to the TV via HDMI Arc port, and when you switch the TV input to HDMI Arc, Do you see any settings for the soundbar or it's just a black screen? Thank you
Christopher Duren : I plan to get this on black Friday i on a budget because of the virus going around
Claudiu George : Hi, please tell me, in terms of bass, low/deep base, wich is better,this sony,or the jbl 3.1? I don't care about dolby atmos or anything
Tech Gamer : Seems to be a pretty good deal in my opinion

I Will Buy This Sound Bar! | Sony HT-G700 REAL REVIEW

DOLBY ATMOS sound from a 3.1 channel sound bar...?

Get it here! Sony HT-G700 3.1 Channel Sound Bar - https://amzn.to/3iZFqgC

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James Grev : Will input lag be increased if I run the ps4 through the sound bar and then ARC to the TV? What about on the ps5 when hdmi 2.1 is the standard and possible 4k 120hz? I could just stick with using an optical from the tv but then I have to use the soundbar remote for volume and I don't want that if possible
shawn s : Torn between this and sonos beam. I already got 2x sonos one and nvidia shield tv pro 2019. Anyone can advise? Both about same price in my country
Xepherion : hm, debating on this and the z9f
Michael Ulisse : Hey there how could you compare with a Sony NT5 with wireless surround sound? Is it worth the upgrade to the htg700?
Itzik CA : Hi Aaron, the Momentum TWS2 had a firmware update. and I have a question, I still have the old Sony mdr1000x, how do they compare to the new xm4? should I upgrade?
wei wen loh : Hi Aaron, love your work here. If you have a choice, would you get a pair of decent book shelf speakers over this HTG700?
Yashraj Arya : awsome
gaurav kri : Great Review Man...keep it up...most detailed review i came across on you tube...
J Jones : Will this sound bar transmit Bluetooth for wireless headphones
Tim Wolber : Keep up the good work Aaron! Great reviews as always ;)
Could you do a review on the Bowers & Wilkins PX7 headphones? Or compare them with the Sony XM4? Really curious how you think of the PX7




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